In India, sarees or saree is the traditional clothes worn by women. The existence of saree, as per the researchers can be traced back to Indus Valley Civilization. The sarees are the oldest traditional clothes that to date are the most elegant attire worn in the Indian women attire. The common material that was used in making sarees before was silk, cotton and some other suitable materials. 


A crepe fabric is also called crepe de Chine or soft crepe, originally made from woven silk and silk yarns. A crepe fabric has two varieties namely the thin and hard crepe. Crepe can be used in variety of products like sarees, suits, designer chudidaar, kurtas.


Crepe sarees do not require embroideries or heavy work, because crepe in itself is a fabric with so much shine and glaze that makes the sarees glamorous. Also the fabric is extremely smooth, and very easy to pleat. Crepe Sarees are worn in evening parties to day lunches because of the elegant look it gives. Suited for all body types, it can be easily draped. It is not pure silk but gives the look of one of the most lustrous fabrics used to make sarees.

Although crepe saress can’t compete the inherent lustrous property of a pure silk fabric but the glazing appearance of the crape saree makes it look more elegant. Due to the fact that crepe fabrics have very nice drape characteristics, it has been widely chosen as one of the best material for making Indian sarees. The drapes and pleates are formed properly due to its extremely smooth texture.