The term "decorative arts" is a traditional term for a rather unwieldy range of artistic disciplines concerned with the design and ornamentation of items, usually functional.


Madhya Pradesh is not called the ‘heart of India’ only because of its location on the centre of the country. It has been home to the cultural heritage, and the authentic and inspirational decor that it holds. Madhya Pradesh is famous for its handicrafts that depict creative craftsmanship and hereditary skills of the people as well as add a unique charm to the state's culture. Those artistic pieces of crafts work include woven cotton or silk sarees, fabrics with block prints, stuffed toys, floor coverings, bamboo work, cane work, jute work, woodcraft, iron craft, stone craft, metal craft, terracotta, zari work, folk paintings, ornaments, dolls and papier mache.


Some of the most famous decorative items of Madhya Pradesh include 


Terracota: Creating traditional figurines of idols, animals such as serpants, horses and elephants, birds and many more shapes. Terracota in Madhya Pradesh is unique and creates numerous useful, ritualistic and decorative objects.


Paintings: Folk paintings of Madhya Pradesh are simple, but depict the culture of its religion as well as its inhabitants with its vivid and rustic colors. This form of art of Madhya Pradesh has mainly gained its fame from the areas of Bundelkhand, Chhattisgarh, Malwa, Gondwana and Nimar. From myths to expressions to local festivities, this beautiful state has it all.


Glass work: Gleaming glasses, beaming bowls, twinkling plates and decorative articles are living poetry in crystal, beautifully sculpted by skilful hands from Madhya Pradesh. 


Wood Craft: There is an ancient and rich tradition of wood craft in the tribal belts of the state. Figures carved out of wood from the very small animals and human figures to large objects of furniture find representation in the traditional wood craft. Images and objects from nature and real life fish, cock, warriors with bows and arrows, peacocks, horse riders, elephants, lion's head carved out of wood speak for themselves the expertise and beauty of this craft.