Maheshwari Jari Patta Br Stryps

Maheshwari Jari Patta Br Stryps
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Embellished in opulent designs of checks, floral patterns and stripes, the sarees which have an origin to the town of Maheshwar which is a city in the beautiful Khargone district of M.P. aka Madhya Pradesh is one of the most comfortable sarees to wear in the hot summer season that prevails across most India for most part of the year. These sarees have an eye-catching appeal on account of the adornment which is witnessed across the border of the sarees in the form of bright Zari’s or laces.

The overall brocade or the needlework that is observed in these sarees to give it the finesse that attracts one and all is done with a lot of precision. The basic characteristic of the saree is that it is light, easy to maintain and the varied kinds of motifs that are used in the making of the saree ensures that the entire saree has a beautiful look.

The luxurious appeal of the Maheshwari saree dates back to the 18th century during the reign of Queen AhliyabaiHolkar who used to rule the region of Indore which is now a part of Madhya Pradesh. The MaheshwariSaree proved to be great gifting choice for the rich and the famous in the 18th century. The Queen used to order these sarees and used to get them custom made so that she could use them as royal gifts to be distributed amongst her loved ones and other guests so that they could refer to her with great respect. These sarees used to get made by weavers who were specially called for the royal saree weaving assignment from different parts of Malwa and Surat and the entire saree used to measure around 9 yards. Grapevine is also rich with rumors that the design of the very first Maheshwari saree was done by the queen herself as she was very much intrigued by the idea of getting sarees tailor made for her guests as that would render a personalized touch to the gifts that she would offer.

There are a number of designs that are found on the Maheshwari sarees. Some of the key designs that have captivated the imagination of the saree wearers for ages now are inspired by the magnanimous monument which is the Fort of Maheshwar. In addition, there are different kinds of patterns that one could find in these sarees like the diamond shape, the design of a mat, the design of the flower of chameli etc.

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