Pure Natural Tussar Silk Red

Pure Natural Tussar Silk Red
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Witnessing a unique amalgamation of designs, quality and style are what the Tussar Silk saree is all about. It is a silk saree which is made from the larvae of a rare species of moth genus Antheraea silkworms. This saree is a rich export choice for India and India is renowned as the second largest producer of this silk saree. This silk saree has helped India make a mark for itself on the international podium as an exporter of sarees that are opulent in design as well as texture.
The specialty of Tussar silk saree is the lavishness and extravaganza of the grand gold border which is persistent across the magnificently designed Tussar silk sarees. This silk saree is found in abundance in Bhagalpur which is a small but talented town in Bihar as it has a number of weavers who work on the craftsmanship of this brilliantly designed Tussar silk sarees. It is also known as Kosa Silk as per the Sanskrit terminology.
The usual process of production of this silk includes soaking of the cocoons in lukewarm water so that the larva is softened and then it is whirled for the production of silk. The silk which is made by boiling the cocoons after the larvae are absent from the cocoon has the distinction of being called the “non- violent” silk. This silk is a rich traditional avatar of India and is also produced in the Malda district of Bengal apart from Bhagalpur in Bihar. One of the other Indian states which have scaled great heights of success in terms of Tussarsaree production is Jharkhand.
This quality of Tussar silk has reached its premium stage on account of the rich heritage which is more than a century old. The weaving industry of Bhagalpur has a record of producing more than twenty-five thousand handlooms and it has housed more than thirty thousand weavers. Whether it is the Kantha stitches that are reminiscent of West Bengal artistry or the Pattachitra’s of Orissa, the existence of Tussar silk saree is present everywhere.
The entire process of weaving a Tussar silk saree is around 10 to 12 hours and the entire 6 yards saree has exuberant designs on them which ensures that the overall aura of the saree is eye catching.
Therefore, if you always wanted to look stylish by draping a saree which would ooze elegance and exuberance then you should definitely opt for Tussar silk saree as they have fabulous designs and a splendid demeanor when it comes to overall style appeal.
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