Lord Vishnu Statue

Lord Vishnu Statue
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Lord Vishnu represents the aspect of the Supreme Reality that preserves and sustain the universe, although there are variations in images and pictures of Lord Vishnu, he is generally symbolized by a human body with four arms. In his hands he carries a conch (shankha), a mace (gada) and a discus (chakra). He wears a crown, two earrings, a garland (mala) of flowers and a gem around the neck. He has a blue body and wear yellow clothes. The lord is shown standing on a seven headed snake (shesha nag) and the snake stand with its hoods open over the head of the lord.

The four arms indicate Lord’s omnipresence and omnipotence. The two front arms signify the lord’s activity in the physical world and the two back arms signify his activity in the spiritual world. The right side of the body represents the creative activities of the mind and the intellect. The left side symbolizes the activities of the heart, i.e. love, kindness and compassion.

This piece is made of brass and given dual shades of light and dark colors to highlight the excellent workmanship. 



Length: – 2.9 inches or 7 cms approx.

Width:-   1.5 inches or 4 cms approx.

Height: – 7.5 inches or 19 cms approx.

Weight: – 930 gms approx.

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