Sandalwood Fine Carving Elephant

Sandalwood Fine Carving Elephant
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This is perfect gift for elephant lovers. This elephant statue is carved out from best quality sandalwood. It has gorgeous carvings with floral and animal designs. The piece is completely handmade and crafted in single piece of wood. Sandalwood or chandan as it is called in Indian, has been one of the most sacred and auspicious woods in India. Due its everlasting fragrance and aroma it has been used in furniture and fixtures and figures over centuries. This is a very rare kind of wood with its never ending fragrance found in INDIA. The sandalwood fragrance is very distinctive and is advised to be kept at home or offices for its natural powers which make the environment fresh and minds calm. Sandalwood has been valued and treasured for many years for its fragrance, carving, medical and religious qualities.

Terms and Conditions:-

1. Natural marks and cracks are possible on the statue owing to the natural characteristics of the sandalwood.

2. Natural fissures, if any, in the statue are duly filled and polished. Fissure marks may be visible in the statue if observed very closely.

3. These fissures or cracks, DO NOT indicate that the figure is broken or repaired. These develop due to the natural occurrence or tendency of the natural characteristics of the sandalwood.

4. Shipping, Insurance and Packing charges are extra (charged as on actual basis).


Length: – 3.5 inches approx.

Width:-   2 inches approx.

Height: – 4 inches approx.

Weight: – 180 gms approx.

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